We provide an efficient and professional incorporation and administration service for Cayman companies.

The most flexible company for non-residents of the Cayman Islands where the proposed activities of the company are  mainly offshore, is a Cayman Islands Exempted Company. In addition to being exempt from all forms of taxation in the Cayman Islands, the exempted company has a number of other advantageous features which are listed on the Cayman Islands Government General Registry website.

Upon satisfactory completion of our due diligence and company application forms, a Cayman exempted company can be incorporated within 3 days and within 24 hours on an expedited basis. If a company is required for immediate use, we also offer a selection of shelf companies.

Shelf companies are corporate entities that have been established by HMS for an undetermined third party, and are held by HMS until required by a client. A shelf company provides immediate use of a company for acquisition of assets or commencement of trading.

Once a company is formed, HMS offers a comprehensive array of services to fulfil the on-going administrative requirements necessary under Cayman Islands Law including:

  • Provision of Registered Office
  • Corporate Secretarial Services
  • Provision of Directors and Officers
  • Provision of Nominee Shareholders
  • Provision of Company Secretary
  • Filing of Statutory Documents

For more detailed information on any of the above company services please contact us.