The directors of HMS have extensive knowledge and experience in the management and administration of trusts in various offshore jurisdictions.

We are therefore uniquely placed to provide the services of an independent trust protector or the role of a trust enforcer for a Cayman Islands “STAR” Trust.

The appointment of a trust protector is an essential step when establishing an offshore trust to safeguard your accumulated wealth. The trust protector represents the settlor’s long-term intentions by overseeing the trustee and ensuring that the trust carries on in the manner originally intended. Although anyone can serve as a trust protector, it is important to choose carefully and advisable to appoint an independent third party rather than a family member or beneficiary.

HMS provides experienced and reliable independent trust protector services and will work with you to ensure that your trust protector powers are tailored to suit your specific requirements.

A Cayman Islands STAR Trust is often used for mutual funds, structured finance transactions and as an alternative to a traditional family trust where a settler has specific objectives for the family business.

In a STAR Trust the right to enforce the trust is removed from the beneficiaries and replaced by a specially appointed enforcer. In addition to the right of enforcement, the enforcer’s role is to ensure that the trust is operated in accordance with the deed and in the manner intended by the settler. Although there are no requirements on who may act as an enforcer, HMS has the experience to fulfil the role of an effective enforcer, independent from the trustee and beneficiaries

For further information about our Independent trust protector or enforcer services, please contact us.